Richard Cohen

Dr Richard Cohen was born and raised in London, he acquired medical degree at King’s college in London, and clinical medicine at University of Cambridge.

He specialized in surgery with excellent marks, and built his career with dedication. He had his residency in Manchester, and later in London. He spent two years doing laboratory research at Medical university in Yale in New Haven- USA, and earned higher degree at Cambridge with thesis ‘biology of endothelial cell’.

When he returned to England, he got employment in St. Mark’s hospital, and after that that he was promoted to consultant’s position at the same hospital, and this is where he worked until he was discovered and hired by University College hospital (UCH) in London.

He mentored many young surgeons in acquiring higher degree, and published and gave lectures around the world concerning many aspects colorectal surgery, including anal sepsis, fecal incontinence and IBD.

Currently, he holds position as director for surgical field at UCH.