Welcoming word 2015.


Respected colleagues and dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you for the sixth time, on behalf of my whole team, to the Pančevo Coloproctology Workshop, to be held on 31st October this year.

We have, by way of the previous workshops we organized, managed to keep the original workshop concept for more than ten years – to have our guests, acknowledged experts in the field, give lectures and, above all, perform surgery live and thereby masterfully bring the fine secrets of the trade to light. Such experts are all but vain; they have accepted us as friends and have generously shared their vast knowledge with us. We can all remember the inspiring and witty lectures given by Mr. Richard Cohen, together with his brilliant comments and practical advice following the operations he performed. I am sure this was the main reason many of us changed our approach in this field of surgery.

Professor Kenichi Sugihara uncovered the secrets of the Japanese school of operating rectal carcinomas for us and pointed out a few of the still unsolved dilemmas in this field. The fact that Russian surgery opened to the world should be greatly credited to Professor Peter Tsarkov from Moscow. We had the honor of hosting his very first lecture in Serbia, followed by a demonstration of fantastic surgical skills. Professor Maher Abbas from Los Angeles was the first to do a laparoscopic operation during our workshops, which provided further directions for our professional development.

Not unlike a finale of a grand slam tennis tournament, we had a chance to watch live surgery performed parallelly from two operating theatres in Moscow in 2012. To the left – Professor Steven Wexner and to the right – unknown to us until that moment – stood Professor Amjad Parvaiz from Portsmouth, UK. Of course, no winner was officially declared, but we certainly had our own choice of the winner. Amazingly, one year after, our Teacher, professor Amjad Parvaiz, lectured and operated at the Fifth Pančevo Coloproctology Workshop in 2013! And here we are for the 6th such workshop in Pančevo, to be held on 31st of October this year.

Alongside Professor Parvaiz, our guests this year are Professor Alexey Karachun from St. Petersburg and Professor Mehmet Ayhan Kuzu from Ankara. The original idea of the Pančevo Workshop has been absolutely confirmed by our honored guests’ methods of training and working. Surgical technique is taught in a systematic, step-by-step manner, from teacher to students. You had a chance to see how this works at the previous workshop. Firmly believing that you are going to see even more this time, we invite you to join us on 31st of October.

Mladen Janić,

Director of the Pančevo Workshop