Mladen Janić

Dr Mladen Janić, General Hospital in Pančevo


Dr Janić was born in 1959. He graduated with honors from the School of Medicine at Belgrade University. Dr Janić specialised in surgery in 1992.

He attended the prestigious proctology course at St. Mark’s Hospital and Academic Institute in London from October to November 1997, mentored by Professor John Nichols. In the year 2000, he spent two months at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University doing research on the nerve-preserving operations of rectum carcinoma. He subspecialised in colorectal surgery at the Clinic for Digestive Diseases in Belgrade in 2001. He was a visiting surgeon in Cleveland, New York and Huston from 2002 to 2007, spending two months in each hospital’s Department for Colorectal Surgery.

Dr Janić has actively participated in organizing the International Colorectal Workshop in Pančevo since 2002. He took part in colorectal surgery meetings as a visiting lecturer many times, including meetings in Moscow, Krasnodar and Shanghai.

He is married, with two children.