Circle of Health

Society ‘Circle of health’ is organizer of Pančevo coloproctology workshop, held once every two year. President of society is dr Mladen Janić.

Goals of society ‘Circle of health’ include prevention of coloproctology diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyle and raising ecological consciousness of community, help and care for diseased from coloproctology diseases, providing psychological support to patients deciding to submit to coloproctology operations, education and organisation of meetings and manifestations with the goal of improving general knowledge in fields of coloproctology and connected medical fields, as well as providing advice and help to persons with stoma and support in improving the quality of their lives in psychological, social and information sphere.

In furthering these goals, Society:

1) Gathers and analyzes popular, scientific and professional literature in the field of coloproctology, with the goal of expanding knowledge of this type of disease;

2) Collaborates with universities, schools, professional societies, medias and other organisations in country and abroad in organizing prevention and help to the coloproctologicaly diseased;

3) Organizes, alone or in collaboration with other organizations, professional meetings, counselings, courses and other modes of education in the field of research and presentation of problems concerning coloproctological diseases;

4) Publishes books and other publications concerning questions regarding prevention, treatment modalities of coloproctology diseases, as well as improving quality of stoma patients;

5) Gathers and animates members and their families, experts, celebrities and other citizens wanting to help volunteer with Societies’ activities;

6) Organizes volunteering actions designed to help stoma patients;

7) Collaborates in organization with designated government institutions, scientific institutions, medical and other establishments in organization of professional meetings and manifestations in the field of coloproctology;

8) Acquires funds to realize upper mentioned activities and takes care to fulfill designated plans.