Surgical section

Regular meeting of surgical section of Serbian medical society is going to be held on Friday 18.10.2019. starting at 11 am, in great hall of Pančevo cultural center (Vojvode Živojina Mišića 4, Pančevo).

Scientific program of surgical section of Serbian medical society:

  1. Prof. dr. Amjad Parvaiz, UK: Robotic colorectal surgery in Serbia
  2. Prof. dr. Alexey Karachun, Rus: Sentinel lymph node biopsy and navigation surgery for gastric cancer
  3. Prof. dr. Nuno Figueiredo, Pt: Standardized approach for minimally invasive abdominoperineal resection
  4. Prof. dr. Mehmet Ayhan Kuzu, Turska: Splenic flexure mobilization
  5. Dr. sci. med. Danilo Mišković, UK: Training in laparoscopic colorectal surgery
  6. Dr. sci. med. Badma Bashankaev, Rus: Left colic artery preservation. Pros and cons
  7. Prof. dr. Miloš Bjelović, Srb: Laparoscopic esophageal surgery
  8. Assistant prof. dr. Miljan Ćeranić, Srb: Development and results of Lapserb project